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In the vHeroes series I present you vHero 2:


Richard Garsthagen.


The first time I met Richard was in 2005 during a VMware training at CDG in Zoetermeer. image

Richard was running a train the trainer session to get CDG on speed as a VMware Trainings Center. What I remember from that training was the bag full of gadgets Richard had on him. The latest phones and other cool devices came out of this bag and anybody could play with them! His love for gadgets was obvious. Richard loves virtualization and is a true Evangelist.

After having worked for almost 2 years as a VMware technical trainer in EMEA, Richard moved to another position. In his new role as a Technical Marketing Manager for VMware, he still had the ability to educate people about VMware Virtualization.

Question to Richard: Are you still into gadgets nowadays? What did you like most about training people on VMware?

Yes I am (of course) still into gadgets, but not only just buying them anymore, but also making them with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis.

I really enjoy to deliver training in general. When I was younger, I even taught figure skating to kids for a few years and now-a-days I train kids in my free time on lego mind storms and arduinos. Training people on new things, like in the beginning of the virtualization revolution and now about cloud is just great.

This is Richard’s home lab http://360.io/WQ8rfK

Richard’s recent project posted on Facebook this week, http://instagram.com/p/WaCJB4CqZw/

The first 4 units coming off my small production line of #vmware #vsphere monitor boxes

I Moved from Centric Systems & Services to PQR in 2005. In my new job I worked dedicated on VMware products. In that position I was able to visit the Technical Solutions Exchange (TSX) VMware organized in 2006. The location? Disneyland Paris!

TSX events, in some way the predecessor of VMworld, were different from VMworld because these events were reserved for VMware Certified Professionals (VCP). The goal was to provide each VCP advanced technical sessions. What I specifically liked about these events was the small scale and the market place where companies like Vizioncore, Dunes and Platespin gave acte de présence.

Richard was, together with Diane Paternoster and Esther Westerweele, responsible for the content and organization of both TSX as well as VMworld 2007 & 2008 in Cannes, France.

image                                                     image

Esther Westerweele:

Richard Garsthagen! I really like him! I enjoyed working with him during my time at VMware. We organized the VMware Forum Tours and three VMworld Europe events. Without Richard these events world not have been so successful but he could not have do it without me 😉 But I am sure he will not agree on that. Richard is very stubborn, but that adorns him tremendously. Because he is so passionate, he can sometimes get carried away. He has a passion for everything concerned with innovations and focused completely on developing his skills. An example is Digital Signage, Richard introduced this six years ago at VMworld that was very progressive!

Several times I invited Richard to explain the VMware technology and goals to my team (het EMEA Programs team). Richard has the special ability to explain something complicated in a way my mamma would understand what he is talking about. On the other site he is also able to go deep in technical stuff when the audience is asking for it. And that’s is a gift that not many people have!!

Question to Richard: how much time does it take to organize an EMEA event? What was your favorite location? What did you like most TSX or VMworld EMEA?

The years I run TSX and VMworld, we made all decisions ourselves in a very small team, this was really a great working environment and allowed us to very efficiently organize these events. But a show like VMworld would take like 6 months in working hours, especially things like the hands-on labs consumed huge amount of time. My favorite location, that is Cannes of course J

In 2006 and 2007 I attended some VMware Authorized Consultancy (VAC) courses around Europe. Together with Herco van Brug we visited Paris, London and Brussels for a range of accreditations. In London the location was the EMEA VMware Head Office in Frimley. Often we ran into Richard in the office or on the airportand most times it ended up in a long conversation about (what else!) virtualization. During one of these meetings on the airport Herco and I almost missed our flight because of this 😉

In 2007 Richard also teamed up with Jeremy van Doorn to shoot some VMware demo videos. These videos are still available on YouTube. Educated in Communications and Journalism Richard was also involved in VMworld TV; interviewing interesting people in the vIndustry.


Instruction video VMware infrastructure 3 with Jeremy van Doorn

VMworld TV 2011 Interview with Steve Herrod

In 2007 Richard started as Senior Evangelist at VMware. In this role he travelled around the world visiting Seminars to promote VMware technologies.


Question to Richard: How much flights to the US have you made in your days as an Evangelist? Where you ever involved in software development at VMware? If yes, what was the product? What person impressed you most at VMware?

I have been travelling for the last 15 years for Citrix, VMware and Oracle, all US based companies, so I have a Huge amount of US border control stamps in my passports J I was never directly involved with software development (besides the tools I write myself) but was always the EMEA feedback proxy between customers and our product management. VMware has a lot a really smart developers, people like Kit Colbert are impressive in skills and their personality.


2011 Richard left VMware and started as Director Cloud Business Development at Oracle. I am not working with Oracle Products so we did not meet that much since then. Surprisingly I walked into Richard in San Francisco during VMworld 2012. His love for the VMware technologies is still there and he was running the booth for Oracle.

Question to Richard: What would you like to share about virtualization at Oracle?

At Oracle I do not focus on Virtualization, but Cloud. Meaning helping organizations change their IT departments to became service providers and help people consume services directly from Oracle. That is where Oracle’s strength sits, not just offer IaaS, but also Database as a Service, Middleware as a Service, Database Applications as a Service, Testing as a Service and more.

Richard is the author/owner/scripter and more at http://www.run-virtual.com/. Richard published some cool tools that I actually used. For Example VM Juggler for test en demo at customers and VMware CPU Host info to look into the CPU information of your ESX Hosts. You could say that Richard is a Super Geek but not the shy and silent version on the contrary more the opposite.

Scott Herold said: If you look up “geek” in a Dutch dictionary, I’m convinced that it’s just a picture of Richard Garsthagen.

Question to Richard: I noticed the cool stuff you are working on at Facebook, what project are you most proud of? You share your knowledge on your website what does the community give you in return?

The last few years I really turned into a “maker”. I made (and still am improving) an underwater ROV, Analog monitor box for vSphere, Split-Flap displays, furniture and much more. I am most proud off all my projects J As a completely NON educated technician, but just with Google on my side, I learned to code for microprocessors, develop circuits board, operate 3d printers, CNC machine and plastic injection molding. I just love technology J

Hero facts:

  • Age – 39
  • Years in Industry – 16 (Started proper job when I was 23, but was already Novell admin at age 11 for my father’s company).
  • Family – 2 Step Sons (10, 6), 1 Son (1), Lovely GF, Live-In Au Pair, 2 Chickens and 2 Rabbits.

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    david bieneman said:
    June 4, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    Richard Garsthagen has definitely been a vHero of mine since I met him at the 2005 TSX in Austria! Thank you Richard! david bieneman

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