Hewlett Packard World Wide Partner Ambassadors Summit 2015 WWPAS15

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A while ago PQR was invited to participate in the first ever World Wide Partner Ambassadors Summit 2015 the WWPAS15. I was the lucky one to be selected to represent PQR at this summit in The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center near Houston. In my efforts to get more information about the content and goals in this program I could not find much information.
The only thing I could find was this description of the “other” event the World Wide Ambassadors Summit 2015.
“ HP WWAS15 is the most sought-after and highly-rated knowledge-sharing conference. This is the place where you can interact with Product managers, CTO’s, HP Ambassadors, HP Vice Presidents, HP Product Specialists and more. “
This event is HP internal only and already is there for some years. This is the first year ever that partners where invited to participate as Ambassadors. Worldwide there are 103 Partner Ambassadors in 2015 divided into two programs. The two groups are the HP E.G. or Enterprise Group and the Cloud Group. I participate in the E.G. group.


Every session, workshop or hands-on starts with a friendly but urgent request not to share the information with others. No pictures allowed or you will be removed!

The information provided is only for HP staff and the HP partner ambassadors. But what I can share is my personal views on developments in the IT business and in particular developments from HP.

What is the purpose of the Partner Ambassadors program and this Summit.

Not sitting down and watching the PowerPoint storm but really interact. Sessions start with some introduction and a topic but mostly will end up discussing the topic and lots of Q&A. This is the best opportunity to give feedback to the HP organization! HP Partner Ambassadors are expected to participate in a number of foundation sessions. The topics include network/SDN, OneView, Storage and Helion.

All sessions are HP Only there are no sessions from any other vendors. Sessions, workshops, Round Table, Birds of a Feather are all focused on interaction. HP really wants to interact with the partners to build a stronger portfolio that has all the answers to costumer demands. You could see this as HP PartnerOne 2.0.

HP changed a lot the last 3 years and will keep changing the next two years. This is all part of the 5 year plan that started 3 years ago.


My personal View!

One of the latest big decisions was de split into two different Companies. into two publicly traded Fortune 50 companies: one that will focus on enterprise technology and services, and another that will offer consumer-focused products and printers. The two companies will be identified as Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will offer servers, storage, networking, converged systems, services and software, along with its OpenStack Helion cloud platform. This week is completely focused on the products from the new company Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Not only HP is changing the customer demand and the Partner network will also go to a transformation. Partners must change their business from 80% products 20% services to a 50/50 balance. Therefore you need different staffing and strategies. Presales and technical Consultants in the New Style of IT should be permanent advisors and a trusted partner in the development of IT services. The era of hit and run strategies is over. HP will help partners develop the skills needed for this transformation.

These are exciting times and I cannot wait to move forward into this new style of IT but certainly in the new style of business!

Next blog I will publish about my personal view on the HP Products.


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