My personal view on HP Roadmaps during WWPAS15

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I cannot and will not share all information I received during the WWPAS15. Simply because I am not allowed and things/products can change after the discussions we had with the HP Folks. As I mentioned before that is the purpose of attending this summit and the intention HP has with this event.

What I can and will share is my PERSONAL view on HP Products and all information available on the internet and HP Sites. No I am not a analyst but just a IT guy who loves working with HP and VMware products.

Project Piano User interface

Project to let all management tooling or elements have the same look and feel. It all looks similar and that is what will make the usage transparent. Some of the tools are HP OneView, HP 3Par StoreServ, HP StoreOnce, HP Moonshot, HP CloudSystem, HP ILO, and more.

I believe this is a big step forward the next big step should be full integration in one pain of glass.

Here are two examples left the new 3Par SSMC and Right the HP OneView console.

3PARc4-1024x483 oneviewdashboardlg-100340296-orig

Helion Openstack, CloudFoundry, Eucalyptus, Cloud Service Automation.

Difference between HP OpenStack releases and the Open Standard OpenStack releases.

New OpenStack releases are not hardened and unstable. The Policy is a 4 to 6 weeks hardening for the next GA release. HP takes this second release and makes this ready for production  by hardening and indemnification. The indemnification part is interesting, it protects HP and costumers for financial claims for lines of code that are implemented during development by developers. OpenStack will be the foundation for IaaS where CloudFoundry will be the platform for PaaS. The development for these products and the customer demands changes the roadmap on a permanent base. It is hard for HP to keep up the pass and for Partners even harder!!

Eucalyptus acquisition

Eucalyptus is the supplier of open-source software that is compatible with the Amazon Web Services cloud. For me it is unclear why HP did the acquisition of this company. The only reason I see is the integration with Amazon Web Services Cloud. Maybe it is the best product to move away from Amazon? Time will tell 😉

Cloud Service Automation (CSA)

CSA is a product but to position this next Helion OpenStack and Eucalyptus I asked what the future of the product is. Will it disappear and be replaced by OpenStack Projects? Is it part off the HP Software division or is it part of the Helion group?

The product can integrate with OpenStack and HP OneView but can also be used separately from these products. And that is why this product will coexist next to the other Cloud management products. Personally I believe some of the functionality will eventually be replaced by OpenStack functionality. All through the week everything I see is Open Source or Open Standard but no development in proprietary software. Time will bring us the answers 😉

Next step storage

A lot of attention this week for object storage. What is object storage? HP Cloud Object Storage is designed for ultra-high durability so your data is available for immediate retrieval. Every object is copied three times and stored in physically separate availability zones. HP Cloud Object Storage is powered by OpenStack technology and runs on high-performance HP servers. HP Object storage is built on Swift one of the Openstack Projects. Low Latency adapters/connectors are coming to take away the network latency.

The Machine a new computer ERA

The Machine is the largest HP Lab research and advanced development project since RISC/UNIX goal is to build the best new platform for the next 20 years. The machine is not a simple replacement for common servers but can exist in many form factors. Rack or handheld size everything is possible. Why do we need the Machine technology? We cannot deliver the power that we need to keep up with the datacenter growth. We need better and faster compute that use much less power.

Massive pools of non-volatile memory Memristor connected with light speed connections Photonics to special purpose SoC cores now already available in Moonshot cartridges. Moonshot is the first step towards the “Machine Era”. The SoC processor is available in the Moonshot Cartridges.

This new technology will also ask for new Operating systems HP plans to build these Operating systems on Open Standards, Open systems, Open Source specially build to host applications. HP already is building these Operating Systems.  For now it is called the Machine OS.

imagesQ1HQRWLE images9M9AD3V7images2VTMFB21

My next blog is all about “The Machine” !!


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