Hardware Developments in the Software Definded Data center AKA SDDC

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Everybody is talking about the Software Defined Datacenter AKA SDDC en the fast pace in developments. but what about the hardware the SDDC must land on?

I believe hardware will change as I described earlier in my blog about The Machine from HP, but when I discussed this topic with a VMware representative he made a firm statement about this. He indicated to see more developments in the White Boxes computing.  I still believe in Hardware intelligence and the additional value it could have in the SDDC so I did some more research about White boxes hardware and other forms of computing and here are some examples.

Converged and Hyper Converged.

A strong example for the usage of White Boxes hardware is noticeable in  converged and hyper-converged systems in which the distinction between suppliers is made by the software. A movements in which the difference is not made by the hardware vendors.

Open Computeopencomputer-datacenter-470

Open Compute is a project started by Facebook. Another completely new way of computing! Designed for simplicity and efficiency. Only use what you really need and leave all other stuff out. Facebook has an ultra-modern, energy-efficient data center that is built completely on the Open Compute platform.

Microsoft Azure is build on top off Open Compute and also 50 % of the VMware Hand On Labs are built on this platform.

Intel Rack Scale Architecture

Intel RSA is a combination of standardized x86 servers, in a specialized rack with shared Ethernet switching, power and cooling, and layers of firmware to accomplish a set of tasks common to managing a rack of servers, including:

  • Asset discovery
  • Switch setup and management
  • Power and cooling management across the servers with the rack
  • Server node management
  • Storage management
  • Boot management

An open API set to allow external management and orchestration products to control the RSA environment

Scott Lowe already mentioned Intel RSA before in a blog post.

White boxes hardware


Original design manufacturers (ODMs) such as Inventec, Quanta, Super Micro, and Wistron. Are succesful delivering the White boxes hardware to market. Hewlett Packard and Foxconn are working together to answer the demand for these servers  and put a new range to market. “tier one quality with white box pricing,” is the statement.

Conclusion.Intel RSA

  • There is intelligent A Brand hardware managed and driven by propriety software. In the SDDC there are a lot of possibility’s to integrate this intelligence;
  • Next there is white box hardware where the SDDC software will also manage the hardware by API’s;
  • There is Open Compute a completely new platform designed for efficiency and scalability. An open source platform driven by the community;
  • Intel RSA Rack size compute, networking and Storage converge solutions;
  • New ways of Computing like HP ” The Machine”;
  • Cooperation’s between A Brand and ODM manufacturer.

the market ultimately determines what the producers can sell on the market. In my view, this will be a combination of Open Source software and top of the line hardware in which the most modern techniques are incorporated.

Until next time!


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