Starting a new Adventure!!

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After almost a decade working for the very best system integrator in the Netherlands, I am moving on. From the 1st of July I will start as a VMware Technical Account Manager (TAM)!

I have experienced an awesome period at PQR that has given me the opportunity to learn and develop my skills over almost 10 years. PQR gave me the opportunity to visit 7 VMworld events in the US (1 x LA, 3 x LV and 3 x SF) and several other events cross the EMEA region. During these events I had the chance to talk to the best people in the industry and made many friends. Thanks to social Media, VMUG TV and my input in the Virtual Industry I have been elected 4 times as vExpert.

I want to thank PQR for giving me this great opportunity in the last years!

I have been thinking about my future for a long time and have come to the conclusion that I am ready for a new challenge… And there it was…reading information on LinkedIn, suddenly a job opportunity popped up as a Technical Account Manager for VMware….reading the description I got more and more enthusiastic…After showing this opportunity to my family and friends and receiving very positive reactions, I just knew this was going to be my next step….and so it happened !!

A special thanks to my colleagues from PQR, I can look back at a fantastic time with great experiences, but I am sure we will see each other very soon…


I am very excited to start working for VMware! I will keep you posted 😉


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