What is a TAM (technical Account Manager) at VMware?

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Hi All! As you probably all noticed by now i started the first of July as a TAM at VMware. For some people this sounds interesting but they don’t have a clue what i do during my working hours ūüėČ In this blog i wil try to explain what a TAM at VMware is working on.

TAM’s are part of the VMware Professional Service Organization (PSO). The TAM fulfils a service thats called¬†Technical Account Manager Services. This service can be part of a Enterprise Level Agreement (ELA) or a separate service. The¬†Technical Account Manager Services exists in three different variations:

  1. VMware Dedicated Enterprise Technical Account Manager;
    1. Works with a costumer on a daily basis across larger enterprises to improve processes and operations.
    2. Works on site with the costumer 5 days a week, 12 months a year. (3 TAM Slices)
  2. VMware Enterprise Technical Account Manager;
    1. Supports a costumer to identify opportunities for best leveraging VMware’s technology across there company.
    2. Supports¬†a costumer¬†2 ¬Ĺ days a week over a 12-month period on site and off site. (2 TAM Slices)
  3. VMware Technical Account Manager;
    1. Helps costumers to streamline deployment and improve operations of there VMware platform.
    2. The VMware TAM is available 1 day a week over a 12-month period on site and off site. (1 TAM Slice)

You may have noticed that i mentioned TAM Slices. A slice represents a workload that a TAM is responsible for. Obviously the Dedicated Enterprise TAM is a full time engagement, but overall a TAM wil support a maximum of 4 to 5 slices.

So a VMware TAM is not overloaded with multiple accounts and is able to provide intensive customer support. TAM Costumer support exists of a wide range of work here are some examples:

  • ¬†Matching best practices with current implementations;
  • Trusted Advisor for new costumer IT projects and Services;
  • Inform costumers about new and current products;
  • Monitor support calls;
  • Arrange meetings between costumer and VMware Executives, VP’s etc;Goal-Setting-300x225
  • Deliver reports about virtualisation ratio’s and product supports;
  • And much more!

VMware Technical Account Managers combine deep expertise with insights from successful implementations to provide unparalleled value to VMware customers business.

For all the details and the differences between the TAM contracts read all about it on THIS page!


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