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vHero’s Continued

About two years ago i started blogging about my virtual heroes. Stories about people i worked with during my professional life and work related travels..

Some of them stood out in helping me doing my work and business.

One of them is David Bieneman who became a friend during the years.. I contacted him some months ago and asked him for his participation in this. As usual he imidiatelly took of and told me about his work and personal life. We had some great talks about some personal things, hobby’s, and the work life balance.

He even promised me that i can drive his car so i must visit him as soon as i can Knipogende emoticon


There was so much we discussed that i decided to post the blog in two sections. The first part is more about David himself and the second part is more about the professional part.

So here it is we hope you enjoy reading and please leave some comments if you like it.

PB: It has been a while since we had a one on one conversation! How has live worked out for you on a personal level?


Well I’ve entered the world of running kids to baseball, basketball, music lessons, etc.. so adding those into the fold has been an adjustment, meaning work hours have been shifted a bit later after the kids get to bed. But I still wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love the fact that I can make the time to spend with the family while they still are dependent on us!  My children are now 10, 10, 11 and 13 split Girl, Girl, Boy, Boy.  So we have a nice even split.  Although my wife and I can feel outnumbered at times!  And we added a Boxer to the family.. that takes the animals up from 3 cats to 3 cats and 1 big energetic dog!

PB: Some time ago we discussed healthy food, keeping your mind healthy and sharp, work live balance and the challenge our busy lives brings. Can you give me some examples on how to work on a healthy work life balance? As you noticed I started working for VMware and sometimes I struggle to find the right balance 😉


You know, Peter, that I am a big believer in the holistic approach to health and that I keep to a regime that includes nutritional organic supplements in my diet.  Maybe it’s the placebo effect, I don’t know for sure, but this approach seems to work for me.  I still search online for home remedies and then execute on them to help me feel better and keep focused and keep up my energy levels.  But I think the real key here is balance across the important aspects of your life.   I immerse myself in my family and my business, and I have a wonderful wife who takes on so many of the extra things that I would have to let go since there’s no way to do it all by myself.  Sometimes one thing takes over and then the other, but I really strive for balance.   All I have to go by is seeing the effect on my family and the business, but for me, it sure appears to be working.

I also do a lot of photography to have a break from the day-to-day.  This is investing in my inner self – part of that balance in the important areas.  I’ve been working with RAW camera still images, making time-lapse and hyper-lapse motion videos out of still pictures and taking some night sky astrophotography photos.  Actually, I’ve been doing this for fun and to take a break from business, but then circling back and using what I’ve learned on my personal time in the social marketing of the business.  Go figure. Knipogende emoticon

This is an Example of one of the projects DB worked on, a time lapse milky way picture from his own backyard.

Night sky pic from my back yard

PB: So the last time we featured Liquidware Labs (or Vizioncore 2.0 as I like to call it) was June of 2013. What has been going on at Liquidware Labs since then?

DB: Well quite a lot frankly. First and foremost, we are still making waves in desktop virtualization technologies but we’re now at the center of the discussion rather than the fringe. NOT that WE’VE changed anything in our approach or strategy but rather that the rest of the world is finally catching up to us.

In 2013, we were one of the lone voices preaching the value of stateless (non-persistent) desktops as the optimum approach to desktop virtualization. We were making products that decoupled users and apps from devices and that provided visibility into highly abstracted, layered virtualized environments. What we found was stateless desktops worked great when our products were in the mix – not so great when we were left out. So it’s no wonder that we saw further than others on the potential there.

Since then, the platform vendors and other industry watchers have been playing catchup with us and are on board with our vision. In fact, VMware just launched their Workspace Environment Management bundle that delivers User Environment Management and Application Layering and Visibility in their Enterprise offering. If you’re paying attention, that sounds a lot like ProfileUnity with FlexApp and Stratusphere UX, doesn’t it?

PB: We did hear rumors that VMware was trying to acquire Liquidware Labs? What happened there?

DB: We were in talks for months about this, but we ultimately and mutually decided that it was not going to work for us. So VMware went in another direction to acquire Cloud Volumes and Immidio to round out their offerings. But basically all this means is that customers have more choices, which is a good thing. And these acquisitions, as well as developments we are seeing from Citrix and Microsoft, are just continually validating that Liquidware Labs has been and is still on, exactly the right path to reform unruly desktops.

Where we fundamentally differ from everybody else is that we’re platform-agnostic – whether you are physical or virtual – whether you are on Microsoft, Citrix or VMware – our stuff works. We work with Windows OS desktops – period, end of story. We maintain the integrity of MS Active Directory and group policies, and retain all the native formats that Windows and physical Windows desktops have. You never have to rip and replace what you have – our products are a smart and seamless extension of a typical Windows environment. This has not only made us a valuable partner to the platform vendors but also the device and systems providers, including NetApp, Nutanix, Dell and HP, among others. We believe our approach delivers the most value over the long haul to customers. We’re all about transforming the Windows desktop through improved user experience and application management – no matter what the delivery mechanisms are. As a matter of fact, we have some very large organizations – both partners and customers – who solely use the Liquidware Labs Essentials bundle of Stratusphere FIT and Stratusphere UX, and ProfileUnity with FlexApp in order to get their physical PC’s migrated to a well-managed and scalable solution.

This is the end of part one, keep posted!!


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