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Hi, i recently blogged about a fantastic idea to optimise resource usage Marco Reitsma from ErasmusMC has. The blog was posted on the TAM blog HERE!


Here is a short text overview:

“In conversations with customers, I often hear awesome ideas, and I would like to share one. Recently, I started a new TAM engagement at a large academic hospital in the Netherlands ErasmusMC in Rotterdam. During the TAM kickoff and introduction meetings, one of the architects Marco Reitsma mentioned one of these awesome ideas.

The IT departments of the hospital and the DNA labs—both linked to the hospital—have PBosch DNA Sequencingseparate IT facilities. They both bought their own hardware and manage their individual environments. The staff in the IT department of the hospital focused on managing IT solutions, but to the IT staff in the DNA labs, IT is a part of their job but not the main focus.

The hospital’s IT department is currently preparing, developing, and building new IT solutions, like VMware vSphere for desktops and VMware Management solutions based on VMware vCloud Suite for their data center. The goal is to move toward the new IT era where IT is not just a cost – but can really add value for the patients and staff.”

We think this is a great opportunity for the Hospital and we would like to present the follow up and further development with you in a VMworld Session.


Please vote for our session!




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