Holiday or Summerschool?

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keep-calm-you-have-a-vmware-tamAt the end of today for a big part off The Netherlands the Summer holidays will begin. Lots of people in my neighborhood are packing there cars and will travel to the warmer and dryer parts of Europe. I am preparing my presentations for the VMware summer school together with  Alex Muetstege were we will talk about Operational Excellence or live after technical implementation.
Simply what do you do to maintain Operations, performance, up-time and more after the technical implementation of your environment and how we VMware can help you. We will share several user stories that we and our fellow TAM’s in the Netherlands came across. We still have some seats available so if you are interested go to the webpage and register, we hope to see you there!
VMware Summerschool

I included a link i came across from another great costumer story for you to read.

VMware costumer Story


Hope to see you at the Summerschool!


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