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Dutch vCommunity interviews

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Last year Viktor van den Berg and me started to post vInterviews and posted them on to the Dutch VMUG site als known as VMUG.TV. We wil continue this initiative and keep posting these interviews with intresting vPeople we meet on several virtualization en Cloud related meetings, seminars and events.

During VMware Partner Exchange on Tour last week, Peter van den Bosch and Viktor van den Berg interviewed VMware’s William van Collenburg and Ton Hermes.

Peter asked William a couple of questions about Streched Clusters and Site Recovery Manager (SRM). Viktor talked to Ton Hermes about Horizon App Manager and Project Octopus. This video features a short demo.
Both William and Tom are System Engineers for VMware in the Netherlands. Both videos are in Dutch.


Peter van den Bosch interviewing William van Collenburg:



Viktor van den Berg interviewing Ton Hermes:


PQR vExperts group Worldchampions

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I made a list of every company with 5 or more vExperts. First list shows the company’s and the number of vExperts followed by the number of employees and the percentage of employees with the vExpert status.

VMware – 33 vExperts Employees 9000 0,4%
EMC – 24 vExperts Employees 38000 0,1%
Dell – 6 vExperts Employees 65200 0,01%
NetApp – 6 vExperts Employees 13000 0,04%
Veeam – 6 vExperts Employees 350 1,7%
PQR – 5 vExperts Employees 115 4,3%
VCE – 5 vExperts Employees 900 0,6%

Second list shows who has he highest rate off vExperts in their Company 😉

PQR – 5 vExperts Employees 115 4,3%
Veeam – 6 vExperts Employees 350 1,7%
VCE – 5 vExperts Employees 900 0,6%
VMware – 33 vExperts Employees 9000 0,4%
EMC – 24 vExperts Employees 38000 0,1%
Dell – 6 vExperts Employees 65200 0,01%
NetApp – 6 vExperts Employees 13000 0,04%

No it is not a contest! but it shows the dedication of PQR to make VMware one-off the most succesful products within our company.

Honoured to be a vExpert!

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Couple off days ago i stumbled across THE list 😉

Big thank goes to the whole VMware team, John Troyer and last but not least Alex Maier.
Working at my company is even more special now! there are 5 guys who are vExpert in 2012!
Sven Huisman, Ruben Spruijt, Remon Lam, Viktor van den Berg and me!

Working with the VMware products since 2004, visited VMworld US 5 times, received the EMEA VAC Award in 2008 but this is the Crown!

To all other vExperts out there: Congratulations!!!

VMworld 2011 Video interview Update

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It is close! Just 18 days before I take off to Las Vegas to visit VMworld an celebrate my first VMworld Lustrum Winking smile

VMworld 2006 Los Angeles was my first VMworld and first visit to the US and I loved it! On Partner day we were surprised by a slide in the keynote that showed our company.


Ever since that day me personally and the company I worked for embraced VMware and it’s products.

This year we want to bring home some off the great atmosphere and the love for the VMware products that is so typical for VMworld. And as mentioned in an earlier post me and some colleague’s will do a series of video interviews and impressions. I am proud to share with you I can add two off the most respected community members to the list:

Duncan Epping and Frank Denneman

And remember after years off bringing gadgets home we will bring gadgets and syrup waffels TO Vmworld! This is an unique made in Holland Delfts Blue decorated USB card. And the syrup waffels are from my hometown Gouda.



See you all in Vegas!

VMworld I love it!

PQR USB credit card 2 GB 'Delfts Blauw'

VMworld 2011 4 weeks!

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VMworld 2011 Las Vegas is almost there!

Today my co-worker Sven Huisman uploaded the video’s for the keynote we shooted yesterday. if we will not be a part off the Keynote video we sure had fun making them!

Wind, rain, umbrella and laughter made it fun and challenging!

We also did a try out with the Video cam and microphone for the Video interviews we will do @ VMworld. What we are planning is a series of interviews we will publish on several blogs and websites.

Some names we already have on our list:

  • David Bieneman CEO off LiquidwareLabs
  • Paul Jones WW Partner Business Manager for VMware at HP
  • Scott Herold  Director – Virtualization Strategy at Quest Software
  • Calvin Zito the HP Storageguy and Storage Social Media Manager at HP

We are proud to have such a line up! and for every scoop or interesting piece off information we will reward this person with a unique gadget! This limited Edition Delfts Blauw USB Tile will be the most wanted gadget in Las Vegas!PQR USB credit card 2 GB 'Delfts Blauw'

So watch the PQR team attending VMworld!

  • Peter van den Bosch @petervdnbosch
  • Sven Huisman @svenh
  • Martijn van Well
  • Han Rademaker
  • Ruben Spruyt @rspruijt


image See you in Vegas!