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VMworld 2012 adventures from a vExpert

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This year I will attend VMworld for the 6 time but the first time as vExpert. And i must say being a member of the vExpert community VMworld is changing! the vExpert community title is the key to “the other” VMworld in all positive ways possible clip_image004

it is like flying business class! Early Check-in, better seats, goodies (Thank you Tintri and Hitachi data Systems) and much more. Oké there is a price tag…. you have to do more of the things you like to do like shooting video’s, write articles, write blog posts, tweet and more social media stuff. But that is great! do more from what you like to do most and get rewarded for it clip_image006.

In my work I am no longer a technical consultant but a team manager for 27 highly skilled professionals with a focus on Storage, Back-up, Networking, Hardware and Server Virtualization. Among them are vExperts and MVP’s.

Attending sessions will be a small part of my week at VMworld and i wil probably skip the labs. My focus is the keynotes, the exhibition hall and some great sessions i am invited for. Here are some of the special things i am invited for.


  • Vmware Partner Executive Luncheon met





Pat Gelsinger incoming CEO

Bogomil Balkansky
SVP, Cloud Infrastructure Products

Jeff Casale
SVP and GM, Americas

Scott Aronson
SVP, Global Alliances and Channels

  • HP vExpert and bloggers Briefing
  • vExpert Meeting


  • Symantec vExpert Lunch-n-Learn at VMworld


  • VMware CTO Event Steve Herrod


  • VMware Campus Tour bezoek aan Palo Alto het hoofdkwartier van VMware.

And several invites to networking events.


I will blog all week about thse events!


vCommunity and VMUG.TV the dutch version

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Last year i had a great lunch in Gouda with Viktor van den Berg and I launched an idea: Let’s take a video camera to VMworld US and start interviewing people. Dutch VMUG TV was born and actually quite successful. You can see the results of Dutch VMUG TV on the Dutch VMUG website.

Together with Sven Huisman ( and Ruben Spruijt we have interviewed a.o. Luc Dekens, Alan Renouf, Richard Garsthagen, Steve Herrod and Vittorio Viarengo.

Anyhow, the fact remains that Peter, Sven, Ruben and myself want to continue Dutch vCommunity / VMUG TV!

Actually, two new interviewers were added to the crew: Eric Sloof of NTPRO.NL and Edwin Weijdema of will join the team during VMworld San Francisco!

We’re looking forward to tape some great interviews. Are you a great interviewer and do you want to join the crew? Just drop an e-mail to Peter (pbo at pqr dot nl), Sven (info at svenhuisman dot com) or viktor at viktorious dot nl.

Hope 2 CU at VMworld 2012!

Free ticket to VMworld 2012

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As a vExpert you get all kinds of information and some you can’t an some you can share. Nice to share is what a true vExpert wil do for the vCommunity!

Thanks to the efforts of Greg Stuart, IT Professional and virtualization blogger, someone will be going to VMworld that wouldn’t be able to go otherwise and someone else will win a Drobo for their home lab! If you cannot afford to go to VMworld and would like the opportunity to go, visit the vDestination site for more details. Many thanks to Greg and his sponsors TrainSignal, Symantec, and Veeam for making this happen 2 years in a row.


VMworld 2012


Kudos for Greg!

Caching, tiering, and hybrids: where and how SSD can fit into your environment

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My coworker Ruben Spruijt posted a great blog on . The topic is a result of a research project were Ruben teamed up with Herco van Brug en Marcel Kleine. Herco is a Solution Architekt and Marcel a Senior Consultant at PQR the company we all work for. Behind this link you can download a great whitepaper that coul help you make the right choices when implementing any form of SSD storage to your enviroment.

KUDO’s to Marcel en Herco for the research an Ruben for the great post on

Downloadlink: Using flash storage in enterprise environments

Dutch vCommunity interviews

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Last year Viktor van den Berg and me started to post vInterviews and posted them on to the Dutch VMUG site als known as VMUG.TV. We wil continue this initiative and keep posting these interviews with intresting vPeople we meet on several virtualization en Cloud related meetings, seminars and events.

During VMware Partner Exchange on Tour last week, Peter van den Bosch and Viktor van den Berg interviewed VMware’s William van Collenburg and Ton Hermes.

Peter asked William a couple of questions about Streched Clusters and Site Recovery Manager (SRM). Viktor talked to Ton Hermes about Horizon App Manager and Project Octopus. This video features a short demo.
Both William and Tom are System Engineers for VMware in the Netherlands. Both videos are in Dutch.


Peter van den Bosch interviewing William van Collenburg:



Viktor van den Berg interviewing Ton Hermes:


PQR vExperts group Worldchampions

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I made a list of every company with 5 or more vExperts. First list shows the company’s and the number of vExperts followed by the number of employees and the percentage of employees with the vExpert status.

VMware – 33 vExperts Employees 9000 0,4%
EMC – 24 vExperts Employees 38000 0,1%
Dell – 6 vExperts Employees 65200 0,01%
NetApp – 6 vExperts Employees 13000 0,04%
Veeam – 6 vExperts Employees 350 1,7%
PQR – 5 vExperts Employees 115 4,3%
VCE – 5 vExperts Employees 900 0,6%

Second list shows who has he highest rate off vExperts in their Company 😉

PQR – 5 vExperts Employees 115 4,3%
Veeam – 6 vExperts Employees 350 1,7%
VCE – 5 vExperts Employees 900 0,6%
VMware – 33 vExperts Employees 9000 0,4%
EMC – 24 vExperts Employees 38000 0,1%
Dell – 6 vExperts Employees 65200 0,01%
NetApp – 6 vExperts Employees 13000 0,04%

No it is not a contest! but it shows the dedication of PQR to make VMware one-off the most succesful products within our company.

Honoured to be a vExpert!

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Couple off days ago i stumbled across THE list 😉

Big thank goes to the whole VMware team, John Troyer and last but not least Alex Maier.
Working at my company is even more special now! there are 5 guys who are vExpert in 2012!
Sven Huisman, Ruben Spruijt, Remon Lam, Viktor van den Berg and me!

Working with the VMware products since 2004, visited VMworld US 5 times, received the EMEA VAC Award in 2008 but this is the Crown!

To all other vExperts out there: Congratulations!!!