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VMUG.TV interviews at VMworld 2012

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During VMworld the VMUG.TV Holland team taped several intresting product focused interviews on the solutions Exhange. Al full list of the interviews is posted here:

VMUG.TV Interviews

In the following two interviews posted here i am the interviewer and Sven Huisman is the cameraman and editor (great work Sven!)

First HDS or Hitachi Data Systems talking about the integration between there stotage eand software solutions and VMware.



Second LiquidwareLabs CEO David Bienemann talking about the products and advantages using them.



Hope you enjoy listening!


VMworld 2012 the day after

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VMworld is finished, Moscone is closed people are leaving for home. After breakfast i packed the final things in my suitcase and checked out of the hotel. Some co-workers stay here for one or more days and four of us go home. We ordered transportation to the airport, dropped our lugage and walked through security. After some shopping and a coffee boarding started.
I started the VMword and vExpert blog sometime ago with a statement “being a vExpert is like flying Business Class” and guess what happened!
While boarding i learned i was upgraded to business class! An ten hour flight in this Class is a perfect end to VMworld 2012.
A seat thas can move in every direction.

A three window view

A great dinner with real knife and vork 😉

And after sleeping for almost 5 hours an healthy breakfast

We arrived at the polderbaan Schiphol.

My fantastic wife picked me up, i am glad to be home!

VMworld 2012 day 4 inspiration day

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The forth day is the easy day, sessions are visited by just a view people and the keynote is different. Keynote this year is al about innovation and inspiration. This year the keynote called Genius Machines is divided in three parts.

First a look into algoritmes.. is that intresting?
kevin Slavin is presenting. If you listen in how it could be used it is. In the story Algoritmes rule the financiel industry and could even influence it. there are even assumptions that a algoritme error is the cause of a crash at Wall street.. And what about search machines like Google and Bing? They now where you are by using you IP adres and present you local adds. Intresting or scary make you own choice. Everytime you connect to the internet your search behaviour is registred ans the adds follow you where ever you are. It is good to see the clothing store near to you, but do you see al of the good store or only the ones who pay the most money for there adds?

A self driving car?
Chris Urmson, presented the Google Self-Driving car once started as a car that used GPS that crashed several times but was intresting enough to continue investigating. Google invested a sum of money in the experiment. The result is a car that uses laser technology to drive without a chauffeur. The demonstration with the blind driver was impressive! Google’s money they earn by advertisment is well spend this way.

Robotics fun or helping the humans?
Dr. Dennis Hong, Director, RoMeLa talked about Robotics and answers a big question. Why do robots look as humans? Everything is build and designed for humans and there fysiek, so if you desiign a robot is is easier to adapt it to this instead of design a walking fridge that cannot walk an move in the places the humans need help. The goal is to design a robot soccer team that can beat the humans. Just for fun? I don’t think so in coming decades the robots could be a grat assistent to the humans in all kind of duty’s.

In the afternoon i was invited to visit VMware’s head office in Palo Alto. Two busses full of partners from all over the world where transported to the offices. After a one hour drive we arrived at the entrance and i was impressed. It is not just a group of buildings but an big terrain that is develpoing and extending on a permanent base. The company has a lot of attention for the enviroment, recyling proper use of resources and there staff!
There are really inspiring places to work inside and outside the buildings and the possibility to work on you fysical and mental condition. There is a big sporting complex and the dentist was onside to checkup the employees as part of the healthcare plan.


After a walk around we were invited into the cafetaria where we had some nice conversations among co-workers and witk VMware employees. Around 4 o’clock we started to go back to San Francisco, on our way back we took a tour through Stanford University. Unfortunatly the travel time was about two hours because of the traffic jams…
Later that evening we had diner whit the complete PQR team and we looked back and discussed VMworld 2012.

VMworld 2012 day 3

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So much to do and so little time.. it is hard to do all the sessions that are intresting so i made the choice to go for a Disaster Recovery session. This session is about the possibilitys to build DRaaS solutions .

PAR2146 Disaster Recovery to the Cloud using SRM – Opportunities for Partners. The presenter was rude when the audience not responded to his question he asked if we are awake..

But it is not about the presenter what is important is the content! I see possibillitys in Disaster recovery for the dutch market. I wil work with Viktor van den Berg to develope a businiss case around the Disaster recovery for virtual machines.

What we must keep in mind is the upgrade possibilitys for licensing. There wil be a Fair Value Conversion program available for excisting users. In certain cases it could be possible to upgrade functionality with low cost!

More info? VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 licensing, packaging, pricing and conversion.

Next to the sessions and meetings we also blogged and shoot some video’s for the dutch VMUG. a complete overview of the interviews is posted on the Dutch VMUG site.

The interviews posted here had me as the Camera Guy Knipogende emoticon

Ruben Spruijt interviewt Ron Oglesby van Unidesk

Viktor van den Berg en Arjan Timmerman de Datacenter Wrap up.

Another video with Hitachi data Systems about there storage intregration in vCenter Management server where i am the interviewer wil follow soon.

Later that day we were invited to the CTO party. This invitation anly party is just for about 200 People. Here can you meet and talk with C level VMware staff members and principal Architects about VMware.

The PQR group had the oppertunity to talk to some great very intresting people! The trick was offer them a gift and introduce them to the only european with the vExpert, MVP and CTP accreditations.


Next was the big VMworld Party with Jon Bon Jovi, no not the band Bon Jovi but just the one guy and the Kings off Suburbia! Good evening, Loud music and a great atmosphere!

VMworld 2012 day 2 part 2

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After de keynote this morning i visited the Solutions Exchange. I am looking for two Solutions for my company PQR. First of all a tool to analyse storage performance issues top to bottom and second a datacenter security solution.
I bumped into the vKernel booth the company that is a part of the Quest organization,. What i noticed was the vFoglight software presentation on the booth. Once competitors now site to site 😉 I asked a booth staff member about it and told him wath i was looking for.
He showed me a screen where vFoglight storage was presented something I have heard about but not seen before. This tool can do a proper analyses from vDisk to hardware diskgroup. And being experienced with vFoglight i know the reporting part well enough to know that this possibly could be the answer to my search.
The licensing part will be the challenge because normally the product is licensed per socket. What i would like is the uppertunity to do a per engagement license usage. It is not how it works normally but it might be possible. Next step is testing it and anlyse if it provide me the information i am looking for.
For lunch i had a invite from Symantec. This lunch and learn session was organized in a restaurant near Moscone center. The no show was high i think and Symantec deserves more credit for supporting the vExpert community.
There where two presentations and demonstrations.

first of all a security product CSP critical system protection. what i picked up that it is possible to build Protection and prevention policys. CSP can protect and monitor whis is gaining access and what this person is accessing and does in the time he is working on the systems. Unusual behavior can be detected and prevented.
The demo showed us it really worked but i do not see a case or project within our company that is in need of such strong security.
Next was Symantec End point protection. Symantrec is using a completely other approach to end point security in the Virtual infrastructure then the competitors. some key words are virtual client tagging agent, offline image scanner, scan randomization, virtual shared insight cache etc.
Symantec claims that because of all the optimalisations this tool has te lowest impact on IO performance.
One of the technics is only scan new files in a image or vDesktop, but what if the image is a non persistent desktop? There is a option to exclude this desktops but that is working around the problem. Symantec provided me a lot of information so i wil look into it an talk to the Symantec guys in Holland.
The rest of the day i was talking to lots of people at the Solution Exchange like LiquidwareLabs, CommVault, Cisco and some of the startups.

Tuesday night is also the Networking event evening, i was invited by HP, Symantec and Wyse with the PQR group so it was a busy night!

vShield endpoint is de management tool voor EPP

Dag 1 VMworld 2012 the lost blog story

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Last tuesday i finished this blog and tried to post it. I still don’t know what happened but two things are possible. Option one is at posting time the matrix shifted to another reality, option 2 is a DOS attack om my iPad while a new black hole opened 300 light years in the past.
One thing is for sure it did not ended up at WordPress…
Writing it again is like blogging in the past and time is running out at VMworld.
One conclusion i would like to share about the partner system.
partners like PQR can be more succesfull if we focus on not all but specialize in certain Accreditations.
The product portfolio is to big to be a specialist in everything within VMware’s portfolio.

VMworld 2012 San Francisco day two

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and there it is day two at VMworld 2012 San Francisco. and another day to taske a look at the other or non technical site. Starting today with the keynote presented by Steve Herrod VMware’s CTO. Later this week i am also invited to the CTO meeting let’s hope we can shake hands 😉

On stage are six booths for the diamant sponsers Dell, Cisco, NetApp, EMC and HP and VMware. they will demo there latest Technology.

first kickoff is new things coming at VMware.
BYOD or CYOD is the first item multi device workspace, broker, VDI image, View are all very intresting and great technology’s but how does it help me as a IT Manager or help me drive more business? Mirage is a technology developed by Lenova that could be the answer to costumers concern about the security challenge in VDI projects. Mirage is also a great tool for migrating older operating systems without disrupting the users personal settings. When this technology is implemented it could also provides an imaging possibility to use on other devices like tablets.
This is something i really would like to look into for the PQR internal organization. One solution for security, imaging and providing access to business applications on any device in our CYOD program.

The Horizon suite! this is something i really like i always wondered why people wanted a Windows desktop on there Apple ipad.. or even on there phone! what you need is a set off apps to use on every device and the Horizon suite can help make this possible. And what about Horizon Apps! Managed and secured Apps on your Smart Phone separated from your personal Apps a great addition to our CYOP program at PQR.

Up next the technology contest. The diamond sponsers and VMware show there latest Technology. The audience may vote what they think is the best new technology.

Cisco, LISP protocol no idea what it is the presentation was very bad and the guys are talking another language did you forget that there are non native english people in the audience.

Dell, vStart a new vBlock or Cloudsystem solution completed with the latest Wyse technology in thin clients. Not really new technology i think but just another converged solution from one vendor.

EMC, in vCenter intregrated Avamar backup technology. Easy to use and configure backup jobs and a self service portal for end users. Looks intresting but have to find out how to integrate physical servers.

HP, integration and fast deployment for the virtual infrastrucure. Automation for the infrastructure lifecycle.

NetApp, Data Ontap VSAN technology what VMware does for servers, NetApp does for storage. NON disruptive data migration.

NetApp is the winner, for me it is the better intregration of backup technologies in vCenter.

Yesterday my first day blog was deleted while uploading… Some of you already noticed 😉 So for now to avoid this i wil post this first part of today.