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HP World Wide Partner Ambassadors Summit (WWPAS)

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From february 9 to 12 I will attend the HP World Wide Partner Ambassadors Summit (WWPAS).

The WW Partner Ambassador Program brings together HP product and solution engineers, and executives, with top Solution Architects from our PartnerOne community. This is a collaborative program for you to share your selling experiences and provide you with access to resources and content not usually shared outside of HP.  The goal is to further strengthen our partnership to build better products, increase technical excellence, and set the right current and long term IT strategy for our customers.

I Am very pleased to be selected for this program and can’t wait to start!


2014 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 410 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Attending HP Discover Barcelona 2014

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Today I arrived at Barcelona for the 3 day HP Discover Conference. We are travelling with a group of costumers from various company’s and government organization’s. After flying to Barcelona on various flight and checking in the hotel we had dinner on the Barcelona Boulevard at Restaurant Aqua. During dinner several interesting discussions started about the IT Future and current challenges costumers come across.

Tomorrow the HP Discover Barcelona event is really starting! Every day I will Blog about everything interesting I see or notice!

HP Interexperience community Speakers

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As a Interexperience community member i recently volunteerd as a Community speaker. It is a honor to be accepted as a speaker and i hope to inspire the HP Interexperience community members!


vSecurity Een verantwoordelijk zaak deel 2 Security in een hybride cloudinfrastructuur

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In dit blog het vervolg op ‘Virtual security, een serieuze zaak’. Steeds meer IT-infrastructuren maken in enige vorm gebruik van cloudoplossingen. Daarnaast moet er ook aandacht zijn voor Cloud Security. Het is eenvoudig om IT-service uit de cloud te halen zonder dat de IT-afdeling hier weet van heeft. Lees het volledige blog hier.


VMware vExpert the value, the effort, and the rumours.

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These are my personal thoughts!

There is a lot to find on the internet about this honorable title. There are positive and negative stories. Some people say it does not have any value if you compare VMware vExpert to CTP (Citrix Technology Professional), MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) or any other honorable Title. I do not agree at all! for me this title is one of the biggest achievements in my IT Career. This year i was elected VMware vExpert for the third time and i am proud of it 😉

What is the definition of a VMware vExpert?

VMware vExpert is an honorary title VMware grants to outstanding advocates of the company’s products.

VMware recognizes vExperts with a certificate. The certificate and title give vExperts special privileges such as access to such private betas, free licenses and exclusive events. Currently, VMware has three paths to become a vExpert: the Evangelist Path, the Customer Path and the VMware Partner Path.

The Evangelist Path is for bloggers, authors, tool builders, public speakers and contributors to the VMware Technology Network discussion boards. The Customer Path is for people who promote the use of VMware products in their companies or by taking other actions such as helping to run a VMUG (VMware User Group) or speaking at a conference. The VMware Partner Path is for employees (of partner companies) who have acquired accreditations and certifications and assist other VMware users by sharing their technical proficiency.

VMware started the vExpert program in 2009.

What does it mean to be a VMware vExpert?

Eric Siebert blogged about the program in 2009 and explaned what the title is about.

First I want to comment on what this award is about. I believe the name vExpert is a bit misleading as it’s not really about being an expert — although the people that have received the award indeed have a high level of expertise using VMware products. Instead, the award is more about giving back to the VMware community. There are many of us that freely share our knowledge and experience working with VMware products with other users and members of the VMware community. In doing this we ask nothing in return. We love VMware products, many of us live and breathe it and we don’t mind giving back and helping others in need so they may benefit from what we know.

So it is al about helping the community to provide our costumers the very best we can accomplish with the VMware Products, thats what it is all about.
All VMware vExperts spend a part of there sparetime on sharing knowledge and experiences. The title is a therefore a thank you from VMware to this effort.
If you don’t like the program maybe you have a wrong assumption for which the title is awarded. Hope this blogpost helps you to understand what it really meant. It is valuable if you understand the intent of the program.



vSececurity not a product but a mindset!

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Recently i started a series of blogs about vSecurity in the virtual world. Just a mindset how we at PQR think about security in virtual environments. Products to chose and ways to implement. The blogs are available on the company web site (DUTCH).
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